School Visit – Hosmer School, Watertown, Mass.

A great big thank you to Ms. O’Leary and her fabulous second grade class at the Hosmer School for inviting me—and Harold—to come for a school visit.

School Visit

Such a great group of kids!

Reading—and listening—really IS fun!

Ms. O’Leary had already read them Chapter 1 (“Moving Day”), Chapter 2 (“The Day After Moving Day”), and Chapter 3 (“The Day After The Day After Moving Day”), so she asked me to read Chapter 4 (“The Day After That”) and Chapter 5 (“The Last Day”) during the school visit.

Something's about to happen...

Something’s about to happen…

The kids were great, and had a lot of really good questions after the reading was finished, like “How did Harold know the Wimple-Dimple Dimmer-Wimmer was magic?” and “Did you only make one book?” I told them that that was part of the Wimple-Dimple Dimmer-Wimmer’s magic, that he could make Harold understand that he was magic, and that I had many copies of the book, and their parents could buy it for them on Amazon and iBooks.

But it’s not just a book with words in it…

Each student got a folder with things the Alex Tsuper, the illustrator, had done for the book. They were given 8 1/2 x 11 copies of five initial sketches that Alex had done, and then the final color versions that went into the book.

Beginning Sketches and Final Illustrations

Beginning Sketches and Final Illustrations

It was a nice surprise for the students, and they liked their folders very much.

Words AND Pictures!

Words AND Pictures!

School visit happy

So thank you again, Ms. O’Leary’s class. I am very glad to have met you all, and had a lot of fun during my school visit. You are very lucky to have Ms. O’Leary as a teacher, don’t you think?

And a very special thank you to Mr. Haggestad, the class’s Instructional Assistant, for buying the book in order to donate it to the class. You are a wonderful friend!

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