About Flummery

Flummery and Trivet came about when Carolyn Donovan started publishing her books.

She’s always had a lot of books in her head, but finally realized she was the only person “reading” them because of their location, so moved them to, uh, other formats.

Carolyn chose Flummery and Trivet as the name for her publishing house because…well, because she could. You can do that when you’re a writer. (Actually, you can do that when you’re a human being, or a certain type of gorilla).

While flummery and trivet are real, actual words (unlike droffaly and gabongabong, for instance), they don’t necessarily have anything to do with what she does, other than to perhaps write the sentence, “Please put the flummery on the trivet, thank you for the help.”

If you do not know what the words flummery or trivet mean, you should look them up.

2 thoughts on “About Flummery

  1. Wow! Congrats, Carolyn. Love that you’re taking this show (tour mind) on the road. Good luck with this venture. (Are you still in the Boston area?)

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