“Harold and the Wimple-Dimple Dimmer-Wimmer” is at Joanne Rossman’s!

A funky home for a few Harold’s

This is Joanne Rossman (and Rita Rose).

Joanne Rossman

This woman (and that dog) have more fun than anybody else I know.

The ladies are wearing a 1Genet Scarf from One.org, an organization working to end extreme poverty and preventable disease.

This is her shop, right here in Roslindale Village.

Joanne Rossman's Shop in Roslindale

Joanne’s shop looks nice, smells nice, and is full of nice people (on both sides of the cash register).

And now she’s carrying Harold!

Harold at Joanne Rossman's

Ignore the book about cats. Unless you have cats. And then you should totally buy the book about cats.


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